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Bags for vacuum cleaners wholesale and charioteer.
The company with its own production in Russia.
ROCK Professional – российский производитель мешков-пылесборниковROCK Professional - Russian manufacturer of bags dust bags, and supplies for household, construction and professional cleaners.
Одноразовые мешки к пылесосу• Disposable bags for vacuum cleaner - synthetic or paper dust bags high filtration. I advise you to prefer the sandwich bags that are durable and resistant to cutting by sharp debris. The word "one" does not mean that the bag should be discarded after the first use - home filling occurs within 1-2 months. Replacement dust bags are very convenient in the sense that they don't have to shake out and wash.
Многоразовые мешки для пылесоса • Reusable vacuum cleaner bags made of textiles and easily turn inside out inside out when it comes time to dispose of accumulated debris. However, be prepared for the fact that reusable dust will not be of such high filtering properties as interchangeable. Buy textile bags for vacuum cleaners is useful in the case when to clean often (in the cafe, office, construction conditions).
Фильтры в пылесосе• Filters in the vacuum cleaner is one of the important components that protect the entire structure. Often the cleaners classic sample install a microfilter of a special absorbent material. Sponge protects the motor electrical engineering and contributes to longer life.
Кассетные фильтры для пылесоса Cassette filters for vacuum cleaner are optional and are most commonly installed on new models of vacuum cleaners. They are made in the form of tapes, which is located inside the activated carbon or organ from a material that traps odors and dust remains.

ROCK professional manufacturer of bags for vacuum cleaner

All our products are presented on the website. Each type supplies manufactured in compliance with defined standards. All that may be needed by the owners of the cleaners have in our store:

You need a really reliable supplies for household, construction and professional cleaners - contact ROCK professional. On our site you will be able to purchase not only a cleaner bags inexpensive, but also to read helpful tips that will prolong the life of your equipment.

If the ordering process you have questions, please contact our sellers, they will gladly tell you about all the features of the goods.

For those who buy the bags for vacuum cleaners in bulk, as well as for regular buyers, discounts. Delivery of the ordered goods possible at any convenient address.


The range of disposable bags for vacuum cleaners, reusable bags for vacuum cleaners, filters for vacuum cleaners, cassette filters for vacuum cleaners.